The Hartland Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new member recently. Ambassador Mary Ebert (Town Bank) presented Galon Miller of Aventus Data Centers with a membership plaque from the Chamber. Pictured (from left) is Tom McInerney, Sam Andrews, Mary Ebert (Town Bank), Lance Dieken, Larry Ingwersen, Marty Dehen, Galon Miller, Michael Schulze, and Randy Mortensen.

“Providing a reliable and secure Tier III Edge Data Center infrastructure with hybrid computing solutions. Each Aventus customer has unique leaders, market positions, assets and capabilities. One size does not fit all, so Aventus is not your average data center. In addition to the standard data center benefits, we are experts at knowing the leading edge, not bleeding edge, technical products and services made available. We bring the best-of-breed vendors and provide next-generation services unique to each customer.”