Aventus Data Centers owns and operates world-class data centers located in smaller and rural communities.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota — December 2, 2022

Aventus Data Centers acquired its Aventus Milwaukee data center on November 2, 2022, and is currently nearing completion of a multi-million dollar project to bring the data center up to Aventus technical, security, and support standards.

Aventus is focused on coupling world-class data center features with the expertise to plan and implement customer solutions that include leading-edge technologies.

Aventus CEO Galon Miller says, “In parallel with the upgrade project, we are preparing Aventus Milwaukee to include a data vault designed for liquid-cooled supercomputing solutions. Both projects can be done without impacting the production for the customers in the center or the new customers committed to the center.”

About Aventus Data Centers

Aventus acquires or builds, owns, and operates data centers designed to deliver its customers  hyper-personalized, secure, and reliable computing, storage and connectivity solutions. Aventus enables its customers to integrate the latest in efficient IT technologies, including liquid-cooled supercomputing, edge computing, and private cloud solutions.