Aventus Data Centers specializes in the acquisition, development, construction, marketing, and operations of world-class data centers in vibrant rural and smaller to mid-size communities. Our mission extends beyond data infrastructure to proactively enhance community growth and elevate overall quality of life.


Tier III SOC 2 Data Centers: All Aventus Data Centers adhere to Tier III specifications set by the esteemed Uptime Institute. These data centers ensure exceptional uptime through robust redundancy in power, cooling, and critical systems. This guarantees uninterrupted client operations during maintenance, equipment failures, power outages, brownouts, storms, etc.

Our data center clients typically request multi-year contracts, paying for recurring monthly services. Many clients select 5-years, while others request 7 or even 10-years. The foundational service is the cabinet bundle, encompassing the lease of a secure, air-cooled cabinet equipped with dual-sided power distribution units (PDUs) sourced from a redundant, UPS-protected power infrastructure. It also includes redundant temperature and humidity management systems, data center access security systems, fire protection systems, and infrastructure monitoring systems. As client relationships evolve, additional services are seamlessly integrated, often accompanied by an expansion in the number of cabinets utilized. Please refer to our services page for a comprehensive overview of our services.


Unique Geographic Focus: Aventus targets specific geographic areas to bridge the digital divide and transform vibrant rural and out-state communities into thriving technological hubs.

Hyper-Personalized Services: Diverging from conventional data center design, Aventus Data Centers are meticulously crafted to deliver highly personalized, secure, and reliable computing, storage, and connectivity solutions. Clients benefit from the seamless integration of efficient IT innovations, such as liquid-cooled supercomputing, hierarchical storage, edge computing, and private cloud solutions, enhancing their operational capabilities.

Advisory Services: Aventus is renowned for its team of experts committed to collaborating with clients. Our experts assist in planning and implementing cutting-edge, cost-effective technology solutions tailored to each client’s specific mission and capabilities. This personalized approach sets us apart in delivering strategic advisory services.